2019 CCDS Annual Dance Revue

What is the schedule for the recital?

  Full cast dress rehearsal will be at Lincoln Christian School 5801 S 84th St, Lincoln, NE 68516, on Saturday June 1st.  Dancers can begin arriving at 8:30 am. Rehearsal will begin at 9:00 am and last until 1:30 pm (12-1:30 will be run through for opening and closing acts).  Dancers should report back to Lincoln Christian School by 3:15 pm.  The doors will open for ticket pick up and audience seating at 3:30 pm and the show will begin at 4 pm.

What should my dancer wear for rehearsal?

       Saturday, June 1st - THIS WILL BE A DRESS REHEARSAL. Dancers must come fully dressed in costume (this includes all accessories) and ready for their first number.  Hair and makeup is not needed.  Instructor will get the line up posted a few days before rehearsal/revue day.

What should my dancer bring to the rehearsal?

    No outside food or drink may be brought in to the auditorium other than water.  If you have a younger dancer, you may want to bring along something to help them pass the time while they are not dancing (coloring books, iPad, etc.).  

When should my dancer arrive at rehearsal?

    Dancers can be checked in beginning at 8:30 am.  If you have a small child, please make sure you check them in at the dancer check-in table.  Team parents will be near dancer check-in to get your child and will make sure your child finds their team to sit with during rehearsal.  


Can I attend the rehearsal?

    Unfortunately, only our cast may stay for the rehearsal.  Dancers can be dropped off and picked up.  Only Team parents will be allowed to stay for the rehearsal as their help is vital to keeping things running on time.  


What about costumes, shoes, hair and makeup?

    Shoes are to be cleaned up and polished - WHITE, WHITE, WHITE!  Rubbing alcohol helps remove scuff marks.  Your dancer needs to arrive at 3:15 pm dressed and ready for their first number.  Your dancer’s instructor will discuss how hair should be styled.  Any hair accessories that are to be worn with the costume will be handed out with the costumes.  Stage makeup is mandatory - it helps your dancer’s face show up on stage and DVD.  No shiny makeup, sparkles or colored shadow.      


Will there be concessions at the recital?

     No concessions will be available during rehearsal or recital


Can I videotape the recital?

    No outside video is allowed.  DVDs will be available for $20 to purchase - order forms will be available at the studio and also at the recital for pre-orders.  The price will increase after the recital.  


What about team pictures?

    Team pictures are June 10th, schedule will be sent out closer to date.


How long will the recital be?     

    Our show normally runs about two hours and is subject to change.  There is an intermission midway through the show.  


What does it mean to be a team parent?

    First, it means that we are very grateful to you for giving of your time!  As a team parent, you will be responsible for making sure your group of dancers gets on and off the stage when they are scheduled to perform as well as making sure they sit quietly while waiting for their performance(s).  This is important during rehearsal and at the show as it keeps our production running on time.  You will also need to make sure that each dancer on your team is checked in with the office staff and has received their recital packet.  Each dancer will receive a shirt and wristband that day.  They will need to wear it during the performance finale.  We need your help to make sure that each dancer does pick up their shirt and dancer wristband.  


Do I need special training? This sounds like pretty serious stuff.  



What time do Team Parents need to arrive at rehearsals?

Please arrive by 8:15 am on Saturday morning.  That will give you a chance to check your own dancer(s) and find the place where you will be sitting with your team during both rehearsal and the evening show.


Do I need to bring anything special?

    If you have younger dancers on your team, it might not be a bad idea to suggest they bring along something to pass the time while they aren’t dancing.  Coloring books, iPads, etc., are helpful in this regard.  


To show our appreciation for our team parent volunteers, you’ll receive complimentary admission to the recital.  Thank you for volunteering - we couldn’t pull off the recital without our great parent helpers!

  • Please remember no outside food or drink can be brought in to the auditorium.  Water bottles for dancers are allowed.


  • T-shirts will be distributed the morning of the recital. 


  • Flowers will be available for purchase at the door


  • Wristbands for dancers and spectators must be worn at all times.  Dancer wristbands will be distributed the morning of the recital at check-in.


  • We will have a closed rehearsal on Saturday.  Please come in with your child to make sure they’ve found their team parent.  More details about pick up time will be available as the recital gets closer.