Joel Harrison

Director of Events

From a young age, he took training very seriously.  Competing by the age of 10, he started his first team at 14 (made up of all male dancers). His next competitive team made him their director at 16, and by 18 -- fresh out of high school -- he bought his own dance studio in York, Nebraska, naming it "Nebraska’s Ultimate Dance Force." In this new role, Joel took on teaching over 250 students a week. Only four years later, Harrison assumed directorship of Capital City Dance Shack (CCDS), the original studio where he learned to dance. In 2010, Joel was given the opportunity to move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to dance professionally.  He sold his studio in York and continued to fly back to Lincoln to meet with and train his staff and keep the CCDS studio in good standing. 



Professionally, Harrison has been honored by many national organizations dedicated to recognizing excellence in clogging.  Harrison was the youngest clogging instructor to be inducted into the National Clogging and Hoedown Championship’s (NCHC) Clogging Hall of Fame.  He was selected Director of the organization's 2002 All Star Pro Team for the Western United States and he was also appointed director and choreographer for the 2012 National All Pro Team. In 2013, the Clogging Champions of America (CCA) organization honored Harrison as an All Pro Legend!

Kami Graham

Director of Operations

Kami Graham has always had an overwhelming passion for dance. Since she was five years old, she has been training in clogging, hip hop, ballet, tap, and jazz from the best dance instructors around the country.


Kami started teaching dance when she was 15 years old in York, Nebraska at Nebraska's Ultimate Dance Force. After teaching her first night of dance classes, was when she discovered that dance was more than just a hobby; it was her passion and she wanted to share her love of dance with everyone around her. When Kami entered college, she was given the opportunity to teach at the top clogging and hip hop studio in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Capital City Dance Studio. 


Kami has been competing in clogging competitions all over the nation for the past fifteen years and has received numerous awards as a soloist and also with her team, Tap This! Kami and her team, Tap This! have won the National Championship Clogging title consecutively from 2011-2014. Along with the national title, Kami has earned her way to the top with Overall Female Soloist awards in several dance competitions and also two National Championship Duet Awards with her Director, Joel Harrison, in 2011 and 2012.  She has also been inducted into the All Pro Team from 2013-2015.

Kiley Conway


Kiley Conway, a student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, majoring in Elementary Education. She greatly enjoys working with children and getting to pass on her love for dance through instructing here at CCDS. She has been clogging at CCDS since she was 7 years old. She has been an instructor in training since 2011 and began teaching for her first year in 2017. Kiley is a member of Sole Patrol, joining her team in the 2016 NCHC & 2017 CCA Junior National Championship titles.

Kobe Brown


Kobe has been dancing at CCDS since 2004. He has been an instructor-in-training since 2011 and 2017 began Instructing.  He has a passion for both clogging and Hip Hop.


Kobe dances with clogging teams, Sole Patrol and Tap This!, both National Championship Teams. He also dances with Retroshock, our senior Hip Hop Team. Kobe is currently the #1 Male clogging soloist in the Nation, both in the CCA and NCHC circuits.

Grace Carlson


Grace Carlson enjoys being a member of the Southwest cheer squad as well as National Honors Society. She has been dancing with CCDS since 2002 and couldn't imagine life without the studio or her team, Sole Patrol. Sole Patrol has won the National Junior Title in both the CCA (2017) and NCHC (2016) circuits. Grace has been an instructor-in-training since 2012 and will begin her first her of teaching in 2017.

Maddie Cave


Maddie, a Lincoln East Spartan Cheerleader and team member on the competition team Sole Patrol, since 2012. Sole Patrol has won the National Junior Title in both the CCA (2017) and NCHC (2016) circuits. She has been an instructor-in-training since 2011 and is looking forward to working with many more students!

Mackenzie McGuire


A student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and an instructor-in-training 2016. Mackenzie has been a CCDS Clogger since 2002 and a member of the Junior National Championship team (NCHC 2016 & CCA 2017), Sole Patrol.

Sussan Moussavi


Sussan is an engineering student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She began dancing when she was four years old at Dance Inspiration Studio in Omaha. Sussan has been trained in clogging, hiphop, tap, and jazz. Through Dance Inspiration, she competed with the Nebraska Pride Cloggers as well as the Dance Company. Sussan was also captain of her high school’s dance team for two years, which specialized in pom, jazz, hiphop, and lyrical. 

Grace Miller


I have been dancing with Tap Attack, the junior competition team, since 2011. I am a member of the Lincoln High dance team, the Pomalinks. I also play volleyball and pole vault at Lincoln High. I am in the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln High.

Anna Miller


I am Anna Miller! I’m on Tap Attack and I’ve been dancing since 2011. I’m going to be a Freshman at Lincoln High, I am on Pomalinks, and I love to play volleyball! I assist two other classes so I am super excited to start teaching!

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