Lace'em Up

Be a part of the World’s Clogging Team...Tapped Out!


What’s Tapped Out?

A class originally designed for all past competitive dancers. We had an awesome response by those interested, but some live too far away to attend. So, we have decided to take it above and beyond!

WE ARE GOING LIVE and will be streaming the class from a private Facebook group each week for dancers all over the world to join.


Our online class is based out of Lincoln, NE at the Capital City Dance Shack (CCDS). This online class is directed by Joel Harrison and lead by Tap This!, four-time National Championship winners and professional clogging team from CCDS.


Our instruction will be a variety of high intermediate to advanced step work, along with many other elements of clogging and hip hop. We will work on agilities (perfecting our drag slide, pull backs, double doubles, rhythm and sound etc.), partner work, technique, and much more! We will break down and build dances, provide you with music cuts, and give practicing tips and tricks.


What’s the Goal?

Our goal is to bring dancers together from all over the world into one room, for one hour, once a week; to unite dancers through a common passion, while also giving back to the clogging community. We want this class to motivate, innovate, and inspire cloggers to continue their passion for dance whether it be for health, improve skill level, or just for fun. This online class is designed to provide weekly instruction to cloggers who may not have the time or means to get into a studio, but still have the heart and passion for dance. There is no age limit, the only requirement is the desire to dance and push yourself to become the best dancer you can possibly be!


When’s the Class?

Class will be streamed live every Monday night from 8:00-9:00pm, CST. All live videos will be accessible for 4 weeks so you can watch, review, and perfect at your own time and speed.


How to Join?

To become an active member of Tapped Out, we ask that you:

  1. Visit to register for our online class.

  2. Register an account under the name of the person responsible, this may not always be the dance THINGS TO NOTE: 1 Both Mobile phone and other are required 2 Outside the US? No worries, when entering your address, just pick anything. We wont be mailing you anything.

  3. Enter the name and information for the dancer and then be sure to select ‘Tapped Out’ as the class you are registering for

  4. Next, you will receive your first’s invoice and steps to set up reoccurring payments.


What’s the Cost?

Tuition is only $24 USD per month (approximately $5.50 per class)! Once registered, you will receive an invoice for your first month and steps to set up reoccurring payments. Fees are due the 1st of each month and will be automatically debited.


NOTE: If you choose to unenroll, just email: at any time prior to the end of the month.


Keep reading, there's more...Giving Back!

We plan to give back to the clogging community offering scholarships. We want to reward graduating seniors who've made strides to innovate this art form or those who may struggle financially. We would also like to join together for performance opportunities and workshops worldwide (neither mandatory, only optional).

We've got big ideas! And we hope you do too! This class will not only unite our clogging community and dancers together, but will keep clogging growing by making it accessible to all. We want to make learning fun and we have some awesome ideas for our class structure that we know will keep you on your toes and wanting more. 


The journey has already begun, so... JOIN NOW!

If we all work together we can make a difference in the clogging community worldwide.

Be a part of something bigger; be a dancer in the World’s Clogging Team - Tapped Out!